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This album download contains two bonus tracks which do not appear in the original web or vinyl releases!


released May 22, 2016

Produced by Liron Schaffer and OSOG
Recorded & Mixed by Liron Schaffer @ Jaffa Sound Arts
Assistant engineers: Aner Baruch and Idan Hershko
Mastered by Jonathan Jacobi @ Jaffa Sound Arts

The A-Team:
Avital Tamir - Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin
Idan Epshtein - Ukulele, Kalimba
David Benjamini - Bass
Assaf Perelmuter - Lap Steel, Spanish Guitar
Erez Shmida - Acoustic Guitars
Guy Fleisher - Drums & Percussion
Omer Ashano - Violin

Extended OSOG family members on this record:
Stefanie Singer - Vocals
Amir Kovalski - Keyboards & Melodica
Einav Har-Anan Cohen - Vibraphone & Percussion
Itay Goldberg - Alto & Baritone Saxophone
Tom Cohen - Mandolin
Ofir Ventura - Harmonica
The Hazelnuts:
Yifeat Ziv - Vocals
Shira Z. Carmel - Vocals
Sapir Rosenblat - Vocals

All Lyrics by Avital Tamir except “Darlin’ Corey” (Traditional).
All music by Avital Tamir except “Cookie Town” by Idan Epshtein & Avital Tamir, “Longsong” by Assaf Perelmuter & Avital Tamir, “Shpitzi’s Bounce” by Assaf Perelmuter and “Darlin’ Corey” (Traditional).

All music arranged by OSOG except vocal arrangements on “Swing and a Miss” by the Hazelnuts

Art by Tom Melnick

OSOG would like to thank: The Tamir, Epshtein, Benjamini, Perelmuter, Shmida, Fleisher and Ashano families, Tom Gani, Katie Danielson, Gal Muggia, Tal Baltuch, the Hazelnuts, Yamit Hagar, Ronnie Peterson, Ravid Plotnik, Yaniv Samuel, Oded Gazit, Mark Perel, Yuval Glico, Tal Haruvi, Dann “Piloni” Kark, Amit Sagie, the Rosiness family, Ido Arieli, Maya Aviv, Yaniv Davidson, Gabby Biton, Tachles Bar, Heavy Studios, Signal Audio

Special thanks goes out to Jaffa Sound Arts

This album is dedicated to anyone out there with a dream. It’s never too late, go where your heart takes you!



all rights reserved


OSOG Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

Soulful Folk

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Track Name: Who Who
I was getting kinda high
When I saw you passing by
It’s been getting kinda hard to me

Well I’m sure it’s no surprise
And I know you realize
That you found another fallacy
Another lie to hold on to
So frail
I had to go back up that trail
This ship is taking me home
So fast
Well I’ll see you, my friend
If you survive that blast
Now, how do you?

Two sides to your coin
When were you thinking you’d tell?
And who, who, who, who
Threw you down a wishing well
Track Name: Blame the Devil
Early in the morning
Leave it all to me
To turn your honey lips
To blows and kicks
Oh so cordially

Let me ask you baby
Just how long can we
Keep this act up,
Let me tell you
That it’s plain enough to see

That I can blame the devil…
But the devil, he can’t blame me
Track Name: Cookie Town
Went down to the cookie town
I got rid of all my stress
Been down but I'll be just fine
And clean up all my mess

‘Cause I'm a wanted man
On a lonely road

Took five by the neon drive
I forgot why I came
Bit down on the devil's apple
And I had to change my name

‘Cause I'm a wanted man
On a lonely road

No dime, had a hell of a time
And I'm back, yes I'm back
Hallelujah, glad I knew ya
Keep to the left and just pass it on
All day long…

Went down to the cookie town
I got lean, pale and blind
Been down but I’ll be just fine
All wasting away,
Just rotting away in the cold
On a lonely road
Track Name: Wanted
"Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc" the clock goes,
Time is up
Time to carry on
Like shadows we move
I whisper to you
That you're my rock and you're my treat
One more time and that is it
And I'll make up for such the life
I put you through

Spoiled in riches, we'll be sporting an affair
No matter where they look, they'll never find us
'Cause we're not here nor there

You gotta
Love me once
Gotta kiss me twice
And just dance to rhythm
(Dance, dance to the rhythm)
All night long
You’ve got to get up now
I'm telling you right now
The deed is done
And you're wanted baby

Veiled in black you walsed into the room
I skipped a beat, you fell too soon
Our eyes filled with color, ringing in our ears
I tasted sadness, worst of fears
In the saltiness of your tears
And I made up for a such the life
I put you through

Before the curtain's down,
I'll take your hand in mine
Start with a sudden move, won't you approve?
So honey one last time
Track Name: Jump
I woke up, Monday morning
Rhythm beating in my ear
And the strings on my old banjo
Said they’ll carry me from here
And I knew they wanted to save me
From a prison only I can see

So I called my only friend but
He just said I was a drag
And we wrote our constitution
Revolution in a bag
And the more we kept on trying
The illusion started haunting me

Well the doctor, he kept saying
I was down and feeling blue
And the beggar, he kept begging
Let me take it all on you
They used to tell me “Hey,
Jump, you take a little give a lot”
“Hey, Jump,
Make up your mind say what you wanna say”
“Jump” - But they never told me how high

So I tried to pick a pocket
Million miles away from home
And the jury saw me hanging
Left me drifting all alone
And the further I’ve gone traveling
Nothing seemed to ever bother me
Track Name: Chester Chester
Don’t you know that I never go far
When I leave you alone windows up in the car?
Yes you do!
You know I got mysterious ways
Let me know ‘cause I’ve been running for days

Chester Chester
You’re on fire!
And I think you’re a considerable threat - Oh no
Chester Chester
You’re on fire!
By far you were my favorite pet
I bet you know

Never known you could sink so low
Don’t let me catch you sneaking up on your sister
How low?
You know you’ve got foreseeable ways
Let me know ‘cause I’ve been out for days
Looking for you
Track Name: Dance If You Can
Dance if you can, man
They really want you to be hers
I said dance if you can, man
They really want you to be hers

Dance if you can
‘Cause you’re up on display
Dance if you can
‘Cause she’s looking your way
Dance if you can
Because winter is coming to stay
Track Name: Big Rain
If I wanted I could take you
I could make you mine, let you know it too
I see through the glass
Moving so fast
You're one in a million

If I wanted I could have you
With a blink of an eye
Let it get to you
I have to stay clear
Show you my fears
Would you see me through?

And don’t you know...
It takes time to forgive yourself
You can’t rush it...

And now it’s
A big rain and I can't explain how it got me
But now I’m gonna wash my hurt off
Gonna wash my hurt off

If I wanted I could tell you the most terrible lie
Lead you anywhere
Baby you're scared
We're already there
Track Name: Longsong
Minutes to minutes
And hours to hours
Come ride on a spaceship
Halfway to mars

Don’t you know, baby when you go
I stay waiting and waiting
and terribly aching
And nothing good comes out of me

Lady please, why don’t we
try and take it all slow?
There’s still a long way to go…

Show me your secrets
and I’ll tell you mine
Just take one small step
And fool all mankind

Oh, honey now
When you walked in
It’s like you jumped right out of vogue
I heard ’em wedding bells a-ringing
I had to set you off on course
To be caught in a trance
Of a once sweet romance
And be wooed by a fool on you door

Baby you’re cold now
Reach out to me
Tell me you want it
And set yourself free

Honey honey when you come a-knocking
My heart is dropping
To the floor
I heard ’em wedding bells a-ringing
I had to set you off on course
To be caught in a trance
Of a once sweet romance
And be wooed by a fool on you door